ISBN: 978–1–78397–253–1

Price: £5.99/$7.99


This entirely new book from John Blanchard is a guide to living the Christian life in today’s world. It’s written for new Christians, but see the commendations below for wider use!

Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. Unwrapped is a great starting point for new Christians, but also a lovely fresher for long-standing believers. It’s packed full of foundational information and practical advice, but it will also warm your heart. A delight.
Tim Chester is the pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, faculty member of Crosslands training, and the author of over 40 books including Enjoying God: Experience the Power of God in Everyday Life.

Biblical, comprehensive and practical, this is a very welcome addition to the small number of books available for those who have recently become Christians. It is ideal to give to a new Christian, but also to be read by any believer who wants to be reminded of the great blessings and ongoing duties of the Christian life.
Rev. Jeremy Bailey, Pastor of Bethlehem Evangelical Church, Port Talbot.

In this delightful little book John Blanchard meets and warmly welcomes believers who have freshly arrived in ‘another world’ that is the Christian life. He then sets out to be our tour guide of this glorious environment. Although he has lived in it for decades himself, a sense of the thrill of his own eyes being opened to the wonders of what the Lord has brought His people into, is palpable. He is no hackneyed, if knowledgeable, guide, but one whose personal excitement at being a new creation shines from every page. Building on a solid foundation of wonderfully helpful Biblical instruction, he combines memorable illustration with practical application and a sprinkling of adhesive alliteration to produce a concise but comprehensive survey of life in the Spirit. I look forward to giving this to friends who have awakened to a new life in Christ, and more than that, to walking the avenues and alleyways of the Christian worldview, mapped out for us here, with them.
Craig Dyer, Training Director, Christianity Explored Ministries.

I highly commend Dr. John Blanchard’s newest book, Unwrapped! as a worthy addition to his previous volumes which have benefited so many because of his faithfulness to the Word of God, his appealing style and compelling clarity. This particular volume will send you, like it did me, further down the road of obedience to our Savior as it equips us to be in the world but not “of the world.” It also informs us how to tell the world of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is no friend to sin but a glorious friend for sinners.
Dr. Harry L. Reeder, III Sr. Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL, USA

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Does Life Have Any MeaningDoes Life Have Any Meaning

ISBN: 978–1–78397–227–2

Price: £4.99/$5.99


South Africa

This new publication is something different from the veteran evangelist: longer than Ultimate Questions and his booklets such as Why Believe the Bible?, this is nevertheless a short book (82 pages). It won’t take long to read but takes the reader from the claims of the science-base mysticism that is so influential in our secular society to the heart of the gospel.

Searching for a meaning to life seems to be programmed into us as human beings. We may sometimes try to brush the subject aside, but time and again we still wonder whether there is any point in all our activities, experiences and emotions. Why are we here? What is life all about? Are we part of a bigger picture, or just specks of dust swirling around in a mindless universe? Where can we find a basis for morality or responsible behaviour of any kind? On what basis can we differentiate between good and bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair? Can we sail through life without moral responsibility of any kind? If we are nothing more than biological accidents, cobbled together from bits of our ancestors, what is the point in speaking about human values or the quality of life? These are big questions, and it makes no sense to ignore them.

In this short and very readable book, John Blanchard faces these questions and shows how the answers are more accessible than many think. He exposes the ‘double-think’ in many modern attitudes and deals with the ultimate reality—a reality that is quite literally life changing.

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The Truth About HellThe Truth About Hell

ISBN: 978-1-78397-208-1

Price: £3.99/$4.99


South Africa

It's a strange situation when a word is common and in everyday use for most people, and yet the word itself is something that no-one seems to want to talk about. Yet that’s the case with 'hell'—as John Blanchard points out: To go ‘hell for leather’ is to go as fast as possible; to have ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’ is to have no chance at all; to ‘raise hell’ is to cause trouble; to be ‘as angry as hell’ is to be furious; ‘Hell’s bells' is used to express anger or surprise; to give a person ‘merry hell’ is to give them a hard time; to ‘try like hell’ is to try one’s best. But what about hell itself? Does it really exist? Can we know anything about it? And perhaps most important of all, why should hell be of any concern to us?

This new book seeks to answer these questions and it does so in an accessible way. Ideal for any reader, great for evangelistic use, it includes an Appendix on Why You Can Trust the Bible.

Is this true? It’s more important to ask that question of this book than of any other book published in the world this year. It is both fascinating and incredibly helpful, with lots here that I had never thought through before.
Rico Tice, Senior Minister (Evangelism), All Souls, Langham Place, London

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Does Atheism Make SenseDoes Atheism Make Sense?

ISBN: 978-1-78397-184-8

Price: £3.99/$4.99


South Africa

This book is straightforward and readable, yet it is serious enough to tackle one of today’s major issues. It asks six key questions, then shows that atheism has no positive answer to any of them. It goes on reveal the worldview that points clearly to the only dependable alternative, and shows that embracing it is a life-transforming experience.

No one in our generation has done more than John Blanchard to explain the gospel with winsome clarity and biblical accuracy He has a wonderful gift for communicating even the hardest biblical truths in simple terms – and he is driven by an indefatigable passion to rise above the silliness, anger, negativity, noise and shallowness of today’s public discourse. The tracts and booklets he has written are some of the most lucid, persuasive, thorough, helpful gospel presentations available today. I thank God for John’s faithfulness and his influence.
Dr John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, USA

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Why JesusWhy Jesus?

ISBN: 978-1-78397-168-8

Price: £4.99/$6.99


South Africa

The Christian faith is not a philosophy or a set of religious rules and regulations. Instead, it is centred on the life of a man who lived more than 2,000 years ago. His name is Jesus Christ, and his birth, character, life, death (and what came afterwards) define what the Christian faith is all about. Why is this the case? What makes him unique? Why do Christians claim that all other religions fail to meet man’s deepest needs, and that Jesus is our only hope of discovering the true meaning of life in this world and of safety and security in the world to come? In seven short chapters the best-selling author John Blanchard answers these questions simply and clearly, and shows why these things are hugely important to every man, woman and child alive today.

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Why Are You Here?Why Are You Here?

ISBN: 978 178397 0681

Price: £9.99


South Africa

You can trust John Blanchard. In addition to the sheer clarity of what he writes, he is honest and he is gracious. At no point will you find yourself asking, ‘What is he trying to say!’ Nothing here is dull, merely ordinary or interesting. He has that special gift if being insatiably curious about things, and - this is his genius - he always seems to be asking if and how and why things happen. Why are you here? will help you to connect the dots so that the big picture,although composed of seemingly endless millions of facts, really does begin to make sense.
Professor Sinclair Ferguson

The journalist in me loves asking the ‘big’ questions. Mine are normally posed to famous faces who have just met with triumph or disaster or are preparing to. I love getting the answers. There are some questions in life that are REALLY important though and they don’t come much more significant than ‘Why are we here’?. It's a subject which gets to the heart of what makes us tick, keeps us going, governs out relationships and dictates what happens both during life and after death. It sounds serious doesn’t it? Thankfully John Blanchard has an incredible ability to strip away the guff, cut through the rubbish, and point towards the light. This is a book that will make you think hard about what you consider to be true and, if the author is right, it’s life-changing life-affirming truth. That has got to be worth some of your precious time.
Dan Walker, presenter of BBC Television’s Football Focus

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Published by Evangelical Press

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The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to HeavenHitch-Hiker's Guide to Heaven

ISBN: 9780852349380

Price: £8.46


‘John Blanchard has written a full book. Full of Christ. Full of Scripture. Full of wisdom. Full of comfort. Full of hope. Full of interest. If you have longed for a book that answers your questions about heaven, makes you eager to go there and tells you how to get there, you have found it in this full book. Read it, heed it and travel happily to heaven through the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ.’
Roger Ellsworth, Pastor, Parkview Baptist Church, Jackson, Tennessee

‘Unlike some others, John Blanchard makes no claim to have been to heaven yet--not even briefly. But the truth is that in The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Heaven he provides us with something far better than speculations or personal experiences--a crystal clear, vibrant, biblical, Christ-centered, and at times quite beautiful, explanation of what heaven is and how to get there. Instead of personal speculation and experiences we are pointed to the revelation God has given to all his people. The result is a deep sense reliability and a joyful satisfaction in the anticipation of both heaven and the promised resurrection. Manageable in size, easy but elegant in style, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Heaven is a book of quiet but evident and joyful assurance because it points the reader to the (alas too often ignored or neglected) heart of heaven: being with Christ. Readers of Dr Blanchard's books have come to expect this focus from him. Far from disappointing us he has given us another "must read." ’
Sinclair Ferguson, Theologian and Author

‘Typically, John Blanchard has dug deep into his subject. This will make you long for the time when the invisible becomes visible, the unknowable knowable, and the unimaginable a reality. But, again typically, we are not allowed only to hope and long – there are some serious implications and John challenges us to face up to them.’
Brian Edwards, Preacher and Author

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Anyone for Heaven?Anyone for Heaven?

ISBN: 9780852348277

Price: £1.99 / $3.99


‘In this booklet on heaven, John Blanchard brings eternity to bear on the mind and the conscience - just as he did with his earlier work on hell. However, this booklet is even more accessible and is, in fact, a comprehensive evangelistic tract organised around the theme of heaven. Contemporary, readable and, above all, thoroughly biblical – an excellent book to give to a friend or neighbour.’
The Rev Kenneth Stewart, Reformed Presbyterian Church, Glasgow

‘In this brilliantly clear and well-informed booklet John Blanchard answers the question “What happens when we die?” Stripped of misconceptions and myths, the place to which Jesus offers to take us – Heaven – is invitingly described and the way to get there is explained. This booklet is full of understanding of the human condition and of God’s great promises – and you can read it in less than an hour!’
The Rev Dominic Smart, Minister, Gilcomston South Church, Aberdeen

‘The ready and clear insights of John Blanchard have again provided an extremely helpful, readable and biblically faithful work. With an economy of words and a clear flow of biblical insights while avoiding trivial sentimentalism, he has given us a marvellous evangelistic tool. Read this booklet and use it prolifically.’
Dr Harry L. Reeder III, Senior, Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

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Major Points from the Minor Prophets

ISBN: 9780852347829

Price: £8.49


‘Thank you John Blanchard for this excellent resource. It is full of information, explanation and inspiration. You have whetted my appetite to dig deeper in the Minor Prophets.’
The Right Rev. Kenneth Clarke, Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Ireland

‘John Blanchard has an uncanny instinct for the need of the Church to be an effective witness. His ability to extract the essence of the message of this important part of Scripture is very helpful indeed. I most heartily recommend this book to anyone who takes Bible reading and Bible teaching seriously.’
The Right Rev. Frank Retief, Presiding Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa

‘Any book that encourages us to study the Minor Prophets has to be welcomed. Any book written by John Blanchard has to be welcomed. So this book promises to be a great treat.’
Rev. Phillip Jensen, Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

Download the pdf order form here

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Why the Cross?

ISBN: 978 0 85234 738 6

Price: £0.40-£1.25


South Africa

‘Have you ever wondered why Christians see so much significance in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross? Why did Jesus have to die? Why such a humiliating public execution? And what does his death mean for me? John Blanchard answers those questions and, drawing on the eyewitness accounts recorded in the Bible, he explains the meaning of the cross in a clear, simple, powerful way.’
Dr John MacArthur, Sun Valley, California

‘In these pages that mighty work which in all its greatness was accomplished on Calvary's cross by the Lord who is both Creator and Redeemer is brought before us with clarity, reverence and spiritual insight.’
The Rev. Geoff Thomas, Aberystwyth

‘John Blanchard superbly invites the reader in his typically serious, yet relevant, way to examine why Jesus should die as He did. Here is a thrilling reminder of what God did, in the sending of His Son, to secure salvation.’
The Rev Jonathan Wood, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire

‘Urgently needed, lucidly written, Blanchard drives home the meaning of the cross of Jesus. No topic is more important than this one. Read this and then, with the apostle Paul, boast in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.’
Dr Derek W. H. Thomas, Jackson, Mississippi

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Dealing with Dawkins

ISBN: 978 0 85234 715 7

Price: £2.50 / $4.50


South Africa

‘John Blanchard’s book Dealing with Dawkins touches a nerve that has been exposed ever since Dawkins’ book The God Delusion hit the stores. Many replies to his book have been forthcoming but this one is very useful for the following reasons: first, it deals with the arguments, not the man; second, it does so simply without being simplistic; then it provides easy to grasp answers. It then goes on to show not only the error of Dawkins’ presuppositions but where the true firm ground lies whereupon we may stand. Finally it points to Christ who, after all is said and done, is the TRUTH. Buy this book in bulk and give it away to all who are seeking.’
Frank Retief, Presiding Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa

‘John Blanchard has produced yet another winner. This time he engages with the so-called “new atheism” promoted by Richard Dawkins in his books The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth. He concisely but clearly outlines Dawkins’ views and arguments, and deftly demonstrates how shallow and illogical they often are, then provides God-centred alternatives that are altogether superior. Blanchard tackles such subjects as the importance but imitations of science, the origin and significance of morality, and Dawkins’ abysmal ignorance of theology and the Bible. He then goes on to explain the nature of true faith before ending with a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Perfect for our sceptical times, this book will demonstrate to any open-minded reader that, contrary to Dawkins’ atheistic claims, biblical Christianity is reliable and relevant, powerful and persuasive.’
Professor Edgar H. Andrews, BSc, PhD, Dsc, FInstP, FIMMM, CEng, CPhys., Emeritus Professor of Materials at the University of London, and author of Who made God?

‘In this little book John Blanchard confronts the unfounded polemics, confused logic and outright errors of Richard Dawkins, leading proponent of the “new atheism” and author of The Greatest Show on Earth, a recent best-seller about evolution. The intellectual poverty of Dawkins’ arguments are skilfully exposed from the perspectives of science, morality, theology and biblical criticism.’
Paul Garner, lecturer with Biblical Creation Ministries and author of The new creationism

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Why on Earth did Jesus Come?

ISBN: 978 0 85234 706 5

Price: £1.10


South Africa

Click here to download the Leaflet and Order Form

Millions of people who celebrate Christmas have no idea of its real meaning. This booklet strips away the myths and ‘tells it like it is’. Here is the real Christmas message, the dynamic truth that revolutionizes lives.

‘Here is Blanchard at his best, tackling the Incarnation and showing us what it means and why it matters. Wonderfully clear, admirably succinct and profoundly helpful.’ Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio

‘I marvel at how much research John Blanchard fits into a small book. There is so much here that is fascinating — for example, the section on Mary and her place in the church mustn't be missed. Throughout the book, the reader is challenged as Blanchard presents arguments for and against popular versions of Jesus' story. I can't think of a better short read to give to a sceptical friend at Christmas.’ Rico Tice, Associate Minister, All Souls, Langham Place, London, and author of Christianity Explored

‘This booklet is clear, concise and compelling. Clear in that John Blanchard strips away the myths and embeds the Christmas story in documented historical evidence. Concise in that it cuts straight to the key issues. Compelling in that the reader is drawn in to a position where he or she can no longer view Jesus objectively, but is compelled to come to a verdict about him.’ Charles Price, Senior Pastor, People’s Church, Toronto

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JESUS: Dead or Alive?

ISBN: 978 085234 6976 679 2

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

Christianity stands or falls on one stupendous event - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If he is now no more than a handful of dust and bones lying somewhere in Israel, the Christian faith lies buried with him. In this new publication, John Blanchard examines the evidence, assesses the alternatives and provides a convincing conclusion.

Here is a booklet that will strengthen the faith of countless Christians - and give them a dynamic means of sharing the faith with others.

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Where do We Go From Here?

ISBN: 978 0 85234 679 2

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

'Where do we go from here?' may become more widely used than anything John Blanchard has written since Ultimate Questions, which now has over fifteen million copies in print in fifty languages. The reason is obvious. 'Where do we go from here?' is the final question all humanity faces, and this booklet tackles it head-on. Exactly what does happen to us when we die? The immediate future of the body is fairly obvious, but what about the spirit or soul? Is it annihilated or reincarnated? Is it conscious or unconscious? Do we face endless pain or endless pleasure? Is there a ‘second chance’ to put things right? Do we have to wait until after we die to find out?

This booklet answers these and other questions biblically, clearly and in a user-friendly way. Here is an ideal resource to share with people who have no grasp of the Christian message.

  • Buy copies for use in your own personal evangelism
  • give one to unconverted family members, friends and work colleagues
  • Give a copy to your minister, pastor or fellowship leader
  • Introduce it onto your church book table
  • Encourage your local Christian bookshop to stock it
  • Send a copy to key Christian leaders and workers
  • Tell your Christian friends how to get copies

'What happens to use when we die? That question has troubled the human mind since the beginning of recorded history. Philosophers, religious figures, and even scientists have weighed in with a vast array of opinions, resulting in so much confusion that many people these days think solid answers to the most crucial questions of life are simply unknowable. Others, imagining that one opinion is as good as another, simply invent their own individual belief system out of sheer fancy. By contrast, John Blanchard, who is a master when it comes to applying the timeless truths of the Bible to these postmodern times, sorts out the issues without guessing or surmising, but on the authority of what Scripture teaches - and he shows what an anchor of hope we have in God's own revealed Word. If you're looking for answers to life's ultimate question, here is one you can trust.' Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor - Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

'John B is nothing if he is not precise in his use of words; everyone is weighed and meaningful. In where do we go from here, John has also shown himself to be intrepid. Most of us will not read another publication on the subject of death, but even if we did, we would be hard pressed to find a better one than this. It is bible based, thorough, and honest.'Roger Carswell, Evangelist, Leeds. England

'Clear, real, and full of hope; this is the guide to death everyone needs.' Julian Hardyman, Senior Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, England.

'The inevitability of death and dying, the destiny of soul and body, the solemnity of Christ's return as Judge, the finality of His judgment, the eternality of hell and heaven--all the basics of death and the afterlife are biblically, succinctly, and movingly explained in this fascinating and remarkable evangelistic booklet. Unbiblical views are exposed for what they are--man's desire or imagination, not grounded in God's special revelation--and the gospel is presented powerfully in its simplicity and sincerity. Blanchard's Where do we go from here? is biblical, God-honouring, page-turning evangelism at its best. It addresses the big questions of life and death and salvation the way you have always wanted to speak to your unbelieving friends, but didn't quite know how.' Dr Joel R.Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

'In what has become his trademark style the author carefully examines various views on death and dying before setting out the biblical worldview in the clearest possible way. Writing plainly enough for a child to understand and with an intellectual integrity that will pull in the sceptic in John Blanchard has once again hit the mark.' Dr Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

'Everyone you meet will die and so will you, unless Jesus returns first. Yet most people try to live as if the unavoidable won’t happen to them. John Blanchard faces today’s greatest taboo head on and with gripping realism points the reader to the sure and certain hope that can be ours in Christ alone. So do the loving thing and help your friends to be real about life: give them a copy of this clear and thoroughly biblical booklet.' The Rev Dominic Smart, Minister, Gilcomston South Church, Aberdeen.

'Immensely contemporary and important' The Rev Geoff Thomas, Aberystwyth.

'The words of this booklet are a powerful reminder of the most urgent question every human being needs to squarely face – “Where do we go from here?” Given that death is a “dead cert” it is utter foolishness not to consider this with the greatest care as NOTHING could possibly be more important. Beginning with the awesome story of the final moments of perhaps the greatest tyrant who ever lived, this booklet moves rapidly to consider the amazing answers the Bible gives – and how it is that we can be sure that our final destination will be heaven! I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from reading this – and there are some who will benefit beyond their wildest dreams!' The Rev Andy Christofides, Pastor, St Mellons Baptist Church, Old St Mellons, Cardiff.

'Throughout his ministry, John Blanchard has constantly pointed the Christian church to the importance of direct personal evangelism — and has supplied many tools to help in this. Where do we go from here? is a masterpiece. Give it out liberally, with purpose and passion.' Dr David Shaw, Pastor, Grace Church of Gwinnett, Sugar Hill, Georgia.

'This pastor has never read a tract that presents a clearer and more compelling case for the soul’s need of a relationship with Jesus Christ than John Blanchard’s Where do we go from here? I have just led our staff and church leadership to adopt Blanchard’s excellent booklet as the primary resource tool for evangelism in our city. We will buy it in bulk — it is that good.' Wade Burleson, Pastor, Emmanuel Church, Enid, Oklahoma.

'As a pastor, I am always on the look-out for solid, compelling, short pieces that can engage people with the Gospel in a generation that doesn’t read, or think, nearly enough. John Blanchard never fails to help me in this. He has consistently produced readable, rich, biblical, Gospel-filled books and booklets that help me extend Gospel conversations and draw people into deeper discussions about things eternal. John had my full attention from the very first (gripping!) paragraph of Where Do We Go from Here?' Dr. J. Ligon Duncan lll, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi (USA); President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

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How to Enjoy Your Bible

ISBN: 978 0 85234 670 9

Detail: 192pp Large Paperback

Price: £8.95 / $15.00


South Africa

'Do you want a lifetime of rich, delightful study of the Bible? Is there a simple, reliable, clear yet substantial resource that provides a superb background and framework ? Yes! John Blanchard’s How to enjoy your Bible.' J. Ligon Duncan III, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

'Simple, vivid, warm, practical and searching, it is all that we have come to expect of its author.' Dr J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

'This book by John Blanchard goes beyond merely being helpful. I would put it on the “must read” list of every believer. It will be an enormous help, encouragement and motivator for all who read it.' Frank Retief, Presiding Bishop, Church of England in South Africa

'No Christian will fail to be thrilled, stirred and challenged by this timely reminder of the divine source, steadfast preservation and timeless relevance of the book of books, which alone transforms lives.' Rev. Jonathan Wood, Whittlesey Baptist Church, Cambridgeshire, England

'Writing with his usual clarity John Blanchard enthuses about the Bible, giving the reader a hunger to plumb its depths and delight in its riches. I will be warmly and enthusiastically commending it to my own people' Rev. Philip Hair, Holyrood Abbey Church of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

'We are all indebted to John Blanchard for such a profound presentation. I regard this as the best introduction to the Scriptures and their companionship that a Christian could first read.' Rev. Geoff Thomas, Albert Place Baptist Church,Aberystwyth, Wales

'Superb! Packed full of helpful information and useful tips, this accessible little volume will give you an appreciation of, and deepen your delight in, the Bible as the Word of God.' Rev. Steven Curry, Ballymoney Baptist Church, Ballymoney, N. Ireland

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Does God Believe in Atheists?

ISBN: 0 85234 460 0

Detail: 655pp clothbound

Price: £19.99 / $29.99


South Africa

Voted 'Best Christian Book' in the inaugural UK Christian Book Awards in 2001, this book traces the development of atheistic and agnostic thinking from the 'Golden Age' of Greek philosophy to the present day. It shows how major philosophers have influenced modern ideas, highlights the fundamental flaws in nine world religions and fourteen major cults, explains why true science and true religion are not enemies but friends, demonstrates the reliability of the Bible and examines how a God of love can allow evil and suffering. It also points clearly to Jesus Christ as 'the way, the truth and the life'.

'This is Blanchard at his best: immensely thorough, crystal clear, devastating in its logic, compassionate at heart. No stone is left unturned: a brilliant defence of belief in God - and its implications!' The Rev Andrew Anderson, International Baptist of Brussels.

'Even by John Blanchard's normal standards of excellence and clarity, this work is a tour de force …Bulging with facts and fascinating information … Wonderfully readable.' Dr Sinclair Ferguson, St George's Tron, Glasgow.

'Using an eminently readable format, John Blanchard addresses every major aspect of belief in God and the denial of his existence. This book is essential reading for anyone who questions the existence of God or who wants to understand how we can know the God of the Bible truly exists.' Today.

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Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

ISBN: 0 85234 530 5

Detail: 40pp paperback

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

[Italian and German editions comming soon; contact Evangelical Press for details]

The theory of evolution has been called 'the most powerful and the most comprehensive idea that has ever arisen on earth' - but is there any evidence to back this up? Are all life forms the outcome of millennia of biological accidents? Or is there another explanation? As part of his Popular Christian Apologetics series, John Blanchard gets to the heart of the matter.

'This is a great little booklet. It reads easily. It is hard hitting, and stimulates the mind. It is a booklet to edify Christians and eminently suitable to pass on to unbelievers.' Evangelical Times.

'John Blanchard has given us a well-reasoned, well-documented refutation of the evolutionary theory. One would like to see this booklet in the hands of high school students who are constantly bombarded with this anti-biblical teaching. Highly recommended!' New Life.

'This is an excellent give-away booklet on the subject of evolution. It is packed with punchy and most relevant quotes from eminent scientists. Blanchard ably shows ardent evolutionists their flaws, and presuppositions, largely, that there is no God. Give it to all “scientists”? No, give to all!' Evangelical Presbyterian Magazine.

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Has Science Got Rid of God?

ISBN: 0 85234 568 2

Detail: 160p paperback

Price: £6.95 / $13.99


South Africa

In this new book, John Blanchard tackles an age-old question that is still troubling many thoughtful people today — and gives a clear and convincing answer, drawing on material from some of the greatest scientists in history. Easy to read and packed with excellent illustrations.

'Aided and abetted by the mass media, those who insist that science makes Christian faith untenable grow increasingly strident. In this readable and scintillating response John Blanchard answers these claims with facts, clarity and impeccable logic. This book will encourage Christians and challenge those who are not. It should be read by both.' Professor Edgar Andrews, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.Inst.P., F.I.M., C.Eng., C.Phys, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science, University of London

'This book is a welcome ally to one who has spent over twenty years trying to persuade students that true science and the Bible are compatible. In a culture that drip-feeds us propaganda, pseudoscience and downright lies on the subject we desperately need such a resource to help us break down the deep-rooted prejudice that prevents our generation from taking Christianity seriously.' Steve Layfield, B.A., Head of Science, Emmanuel College, Gateshead.

'With the skill of a neurosurgeon, John Blanchard deals with the false assumptions behind the idea that science and God are incompatible. In this rational and honest approach he demonstrates that far from being non-existent, God is the source and sustainer of all true science and scientific principles.' Dr James D.Blankenship, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.F.P., C.H.E., President and CEO, Empower-MD.com., Springfield, Missouri, USA.

'In this exciting, compact and closely reasoned book, Dr Blanchard ably maintains a high view of science while demonstrating its inability to answer life’s ultimate questions or meet our deepest needs. With pithy quotations and in a readable style he shows how worldviews that dispense with God inevitably lead to chaos and despair.' dgar Powell, B.Sc., M.Sc., PGCE, DipRSA, Comp.Science, Head of ICT/Computing, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.

'John Blanchard has done it again! With his usual clarity, wit and competency he dispatches the popular myths that science has all the answers to questions about human life and the meaning of the universe, that science has disproved God’s existence or rendered him unnecessary, and that biblical Christianity is at odds with the scientific enterprise. His lucid and interesting approach will prove an immense help to Christians and non-Christians alike.' Dr J. Ligon Duncan III, B.A., M.Div., M.A., Ph.D., Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

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Is God Past His Sell-By Date?

ISBN: 0 85234 500 3

Detail: 268pp paperback

Price: £6.95 / $13.99


South Africa

[Italian, German and Russian editions coming soon; contact Evangelical Press for details]

Part of John Blanchard's Popular Christian Apologetics series, this book is specifically aimed at those who think that God is non-existent or irrelevant. It includes ten powerful testimonies to the life-changing power of the Christian gospel.

'Here is a book that will change lives. I could not put it down. It deals with the biggest questions anybody could ask, and gives answers that even the most belligerent sceptic will find convincing.' Prof. Les ebdon, Vice-Chancellor, University of Plymouth.

'A fascinating panorama of major issues, from philosophy to genetics, from Darwinism to the problem of death. John Blanchard has a masterful command of the pertinent literature and drives his argument home with telling quotations from opponents and friends alike.' Edgar Andrews, Emeritus Professor of Materials, University of London.

'A recommended read for anyone sceptical about the Christian faith, as a tonic for Christians beleaguered by the modern world and for use in personal evangelism. Also, there is a wealth of issues for Bible study and discussion groups.' Evangelical Presbyterian.

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Luke Comes Alive

ISBN: 0 85234 223 3

Detail: 160pp paperback

Price: £4.95 / $9.99


South Africa

Sixty-two guidelines for personal Bible reading, taking the user right through the Gospel of Luke. This new presentation brings back into circulation a stimulating and challenging series of notes equally suitable for group study.

'An excellent book for anyone starting – or restarting – the practice of reading the Bible regularly.' Evangelical Times.

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Meet the Real Jesus

ISBN: 0 85234 49 6

Detail: 218pp paperback

Price: £7.95 / $15.99


South Africa

[Also available in Spanish and Czech; Italian Edition coming soon; contact Evangelical Press for details]

No other human being in history has attracted such a combination of attention, devotion, adoration and opposition as Jesus of Nazareth - and nobody has made a greater impact on human history. Why is this? Who is the real Jesus? This book provides the answers.

'The finest book I have ever read explaining who Jesus is.' The Rev Brian Edwards.

'Another great book by a great communicator. It will challenge the sceptic's unbelief and strengthen the believer's faith.' The Irish Baptist.

'Quite honestly a brilliant book, and one which could be of enormous benefit to Christian and non-believer.' Your Tomorrow.

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Pop Goes the Gospel

ISBN: 0 85234 263 2

Detail: 204pp paperback

Price: £4.95 / $9.99

This title is no longer available.

[Also available in Portuguese, Dutch, Macedonian and Spanish; contact Evangelical Press for details]

The use of modern music in the church is a 'hot potato' and the arguments for and against often generate more heat than light. This book takes a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the subject, and especially at 'entertainment evangelism'.

'Although this book is no mere superficial summary, but an in-depth, logical analysis, it is readable, making gripping and even exciting reading.' The Presbyterian Banner.

'Its examination of the so-called "rock gospel" is not only thorough but unanswerable. Anyone concerned with evangelism, and that means every Christian, should face up to the questions this book raises.' Grace Magazine.

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Read Mark Learn

ISBN: 0 085234 234 9

Detail: 48pp paperback

Price: £2.50 / $4.99


South Africa

[Also available in Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Japanese; contact Evangelical Press for details]

Thirty-six Bible studies going through the Gospel of Mark. Originally intended for new Christians, it has such wide use individually and in Bible study groups that it has sold over 200,000 copies and is being regularly reprinted.

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Where is God When Things Go Wrong?

ISBN: 0 85234 590 9

Detail: 40pp Booklet

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

[Prices for larger quantities available on request; contact Evangelical Press for details]

This 40-page illustrated booklet gets to grips with one of the most frequently-asked questions in the world today: ‘How can there be an all-loving, all-powerful God when there is so much evil and suffering in the world? The appalling death-toll following the earthquakes and tsunamis in south-east Asia left millions of people confused and uncertain, while for others it destroyed the last vestige of faith. One Daily Telegraph reader wrote, ‘On the abundant evidence available does it not seem that, if there is or was a God, it is malevolent, mad or dead?'

'Where is God when things go wrong?' tackles the issue head-on. It lays out in detail ‘the case against God’, shows the terrible void that results from leaving God out of the picture, then gives a clear presentation of the biblical response to the question.

'To write faithfully, sensitively and concisely on this question requires a writer of rare ability. Step forward John Blanchard. Careful and compassionate, controlled and compelling, 'Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?' offers unflinching, vivid answers that reverberate in the mind long after you finish reading. By which time, you'll want to read it all over again.' Rico Tice, All Soul's, Langham Place, London; Originator of Christianity Explored.

'Want to give a friend a brief, clear, biblical, substantial, Gospel response to the ubiquitous question "Where is God when things go wrong?"? Here it is.' Ligon Duncan, President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals; Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, USA Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminar.

'"Where is God when Things Go Wrong?" is addressing the question of the age. The problem of disasters and suffering occupies the minds of men and women in every age no matter what the current trends may be. John Blanchard's book will be an enormous help to all enquirers.' Bishop Frank Retief, Church of England in South Africa.

'Life's calamities and catastrophes have made many suspicious of God or angry with him. The value of John Blanchard's little work lies in its steady and gentle affirmations that God understands our sufferings, has himself experienced them in his Son and will finally resolve them in perfect justice. Each of us can run from God into deeper darkness and despair or run to him as a child into his father's arms.' Roger Ellsworth, Author and pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Benton, Illinois.

'Clear, powerful, timely and important. John Blanchard throws the lifebelt of biblical faith and Christian hope to a shocked world.' Peter Lewis, Senior Minister, Cornerstone Evangelical Church, Nottingham.

'We pastors need no longer struggle with what to say to those who are grieving. I will quietly leave a copy of this wonderful booklet.' Dr Wade Burleson, Southern Baptist Convention, USA.

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Where Was God on September 11?

ISBN: 0 85234 508 9

Price: $24.99 (USA)

This title is no longer available.

[Also available in Finnish and Dutch; Italian, Russian and Chinese editions coming soon; contact Evangelical Press for details]

The Times called September 11 2001 'the day that changed the modern world'. As the media teemed with speculation as to how the most devastating terrorist attack in history could have happened, and what the repercussions might be, millions were asking how such an event could be squared with the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving God. As part of John Blanchard's Popular Christian Apologetics series, this 32-page booklet tackles the question head-on.

'This is a crucial topic which needs to be handled with biblical simplicity and discernment. Thankfully, John Blanchard is just the man for the task and he has performed it admirably.' Australian Presbyterian.

'This booklet is well constructed, with powerful arguments that challenge the pervasive atheistic philosophies of our society today.' Evangelical Times.

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Why Believe the Bible?

ISBN: 0 85234 559 3

Detail: 40pp booklet

Price: £1.10 / $1.99

This title is currently unavailable.

The Bible is the most revered book in the world; it is also the most reviled.

Millions of people turn to it every day to find inspiration and direction for their lives, yet for 2,000 years no other book has been so hated, vilified and attacked. Many of its translators have been persecuted, tortured and murdered, and countless copies of their work have been banned or destroyed.

Yet for many people the Bible is neither loved nor loathed; it is nothing more than an ancient religious document that raises a host of questions. How can we know that the present text is anything like the original? Is it anything more than folklore? How can such an old book be relevant in the twenty-first century? Has science not taken its place as an explanation of the world and our place in it?

Here are the answers.

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Is Anybody Out There?

ISBN: 13 978 0 85234 616 7

Detail: 40pp booklet

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

Ever since humankind has lived on earth we have been teased or tormented by questions that seem programmed into our humanity.

The most important go far beyond those that focus on the kind of issues millions face every day — marriage problems, financial worries, failing health, pain, loneliness, insecurity and depression. They ask such things as ‘Why am I here?’; ‘Would it matter if I had never been born?’; ‘Does life need to have any meaning?’; ‘How can I get real satisfaction?’; ‘Why should I believe anything?’; and ‘What happens to me when I die?’

Yet these questions eventually funnel into others that are even deeper: ‘Is there anything beyond “one” universe?’; ‘Are we biological accidents living for a blink of time in a vast and vacant cosmos?’; ‘Is there other (and greater) intelligence elsewhere?’; ‘Is there a theory of everything, or one reality that governs all the others?’ Then comes the ultimate question: 'Is anybody out there?' This booklet explores the issues — and points to the answers.

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Can We Rock the Gospel (John Blanchard & Dan Lucarini)

ISBN: 13 978 0 85234 628 0

Detail: 272pp large paperback

Price: £7.95 / $15.99

This title is currently unavailable.

Can we really combine rock music with the worship of God?

Few subjects generate more heat in the Christian church today than the use of music in worship and evangelism.

Does God endorse music of every kind? Can we ‘cut and paste’ secular rock music and ‘Christianize’ it in the process? Should the Christian church unite in bringing rock music to the altar or in sending it to the bonfire?

Every musical form and every way of expressing it has as many detractors as it does promoters. Yet in recent years most of the conflicts have centred on what is generically known as rock music, which has become an increasingly dominant — and divisive — issue since it first slipped into church life some forty years ago.

Two respected Christian leaders and best-selling authors who together have many years of hands-on experience in worship, preaching, evangelism and music have combined to produce a book that examines this controversial subject, using both recent evidence and time-tested truths.

They come to a clear conclusion. They will not leave you neutral.

'A unique joint collaboration from the best selling authors of "Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement" and "Pop goes the Gospel".'

'This book is a highly provocative and hard-hitting examination of the pop scene and the use of rock music in evangelism.'

'It is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called "entertainment evangelism".'

'You may never listen to music the same way again.'

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The Complete Gathered Gold

ISBN: 13 978 0 85234 644 0

Detail: 704pp clothbound with dust jacket

Price: £24.95 / $15.99


South Africa

Over twenty years ago John Blanchard compiled ‘A treasury of quotations for Christians’ called Gathered Gold. It was so well received that it had to be reprinted several times and augmented by two further volumes, More Gathered Gold and Sifted Silver.

Now the time has come to make all of this material available to a new readership and in a new format. Approx. 1,000 further quotations have been added, making some 16,000 in all, and the whole work is presented as a new hardback edition. With quotations from many hundreds of sources, it is hoped that The Complete Gathered Gold will be a valuable resource for preachers, Bible class teachers and group leaders as well as a ‘gold mine’ for all Christians to dip into whenever they would like to read a gem of truth on any of the 600 or so subjects covered.

Here are some commendations from the original books of quotations:

'Here is an ideal source book of quotations for preachers, teachers, and other Christian communicators. It will also be a means of direction, inspiration, insight, encouragement and help to countless "ordinary" Christians in the rough and tumble of their daily lives.' Christian News

'This book is a delight. It is full of choice extracts and pithy comments from an array of authors and speakers representing the life-long collecting habits of the compiler. It will be of enormous value to preachers and speakers who are always looking for the telling quotation which will sum up a point in an interesting and thought-provoking way.' Grace Magazine

'Worth its weight in gold! John Blanchard has chosen his material judiciously and with width of vision.' The Vine

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Published by the Banner of Truth Trust

[Order from info@banneroftruth.co.uk; in North America - info@banneroftruth.org]

Right With God

ISBN: 0 85151 045 0

Detail: 128pp paperback

Price: £2.10 / $4.99


South Africa

A straightforward book to help those searching for a personal faith in God, Right with God is the best-selling book ever published by The Banner of Truth Trust. It is still being very widely used 30 years after its first publication and numerous people from many countries have testified to having been converted to Christ through reading it. It has recently been reprinted for the fifteenth time.

Right with God has been translated into Chinese; German (ISBN 3 87739 683 6); Indonesian; Italian; Korean; Malaysian; Maltese; Romanian; Russian; Serbian; Slovakian (ISBN ID 180189191) and Spanish (ISBN 0 85151 4065). Contact The Banner of Truth Trust for further information.

'John Blanchard writes as clearly as he speaks, so that misunderstanding is impossible. I do not know any book quite like it.' The Rev Dick Lucas

'The best modern book we have seen for explaining the gospel to the serious non-Christian.' Come.

'The best summing up of biblical truths in crystal clear style and in a simple, direct way that I have seen in a long time.' The Beacon Press.

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Published by Day One Publications

Travel With John Blanchard

ISBN: 9781846251610

Detail: 128pp paperback, illustrated guide book

Price: £10.00 / $15.00

Author: Brian H. Edwards



South Africa


With eighteen million copies of his books in print in more than fifty languages, John Blanchard is undoubtedly the UK’s most popular contemporary defender of the Christian faith. His clear grasp of current issues and his sharp mind and wit, are enhanced by an immaculate ability with words. John’s insatiable appetite for work and travel have led him into almost every corner of the United Kingdom and across large swathes of the United States, South Africa and elsewhere, covering over a million miles. Above all, John combines his significant achievements with the passion of an evangelist whose preaching and writing have led thousands to faith in Christ for the glory of God—and that is his greatest ambition of all.


  • Places of interest to visit
  • Over 150 photographs, most in full colour
  • Clear illustrated maps
  • Valuable reference guide for the armchair traveller
  • Inspirational and informative
  • Interesting insights
  • Highly collectable series


Brian Edwards was pastor of Hook Evangelical Church in Surbiton, Surrey for twenty-nine years where he remains a member. His current ministry is preaching, lecturing, writing and editing. He is the author of sixteen books including two historical biographies (William Tyndale and John Newton), two on the history and theology of revival and 'Nothing but the Truth' (the inspiration and authority of the Bible). He and his wife Barbara have also written a marriage preparation book – 'No Longer Two'. Brian is also Series Editor for the popular Day One Travel Guides and co-authored 'Travel through the British Museum with the Bible'. Since the death of his wife Barbara in 1998 Brian continues his writing and preaching ministry. He has two sons and three granddaughters.

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The Beatitudes for Today

ISBN: 0 902548 67 0

Detail: 264pp paperback

Price: £7.99 / $12.99



South Africa

A thorough and practical exposition of a portion of Jesus' matchless teaching taken from opening verses of the Sermon on the Mount.

'John Blanchard's fertile mind, wide reading and clarity of style are all apparent in this excellent volume.' The Rev Eric Alexander.

The quality of the doctrinal and practical content is of the highest order. A stimulating, humbling, encouraging, practical treatment of the Beatitudes in a very readable, accessible style.' Evangelical Now.

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Truth for Life

ISBN: 0 85234 225 X

Detail: 404pp paperback

Price: £9.95 / $16.99


South Africa

The Letter of James is forthright, honest, practical and intensely relevant in today's culture. In this detailed devotional commentary John Blanchard opens up its meaning and shows why it has had such a radical influence on the lives of countless Christians over the centuries.

'The exegesis is adequate, yet concise, contemporary and incisive, with vivid illustration and anecdote. Personal testimony, discerning application, humour and zest build up a fine commentary.' The Christian Record.

'Packed full of good things, warmly doctrinal and helpfully practical. John Blanchard has the ability to fasten solid truth in the mind by using a multitude of terse and pithy sentences.' Fellowship.

'Deals in an honest, forthright, relevant way with the dilemmas and diseases of our modern, permissive society.' Evangelical Times.

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Ultimate Questions

ISBN: 0 85234 237 3 (NIV)

ISBN: 0 85234 329 9 (AV/KJV)

ISBN: 0 85234 534 8 (NKJV)

£1.10 / $1.99

£1.10 / $1.99

£1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

[Prices for larger quantities available on application; contact Evangelical Press for details]

This 32-page evangelistic booklet is printed on high quality art paper and illustrated with 28 colour photographs. It answers the following questions: Is anyone there? Is God speaking? What is God like? Who am I? What went wrong? Is sin serious? Where do I go from here? Can religion help? Is there an answer? Why the cross? How can I be saved? Which way now?

Ever since it was first published, Ultimate Questions has been a runaway best-seller and there are now over 13 million copies in print in some forty languages.

'This is vintage John Blanchard. I know of no other evangelistic book quite like this one. It is undoubtedly the best evangelistic booklet in print.' Churchman.

'John Blanchard's Ultimate Questions is undoubtedly the finest evangelistic booklet available.' Reformation South Africa.

Ultimate Questions is also available in the following languages at £4.00(UK) or $9.75(US) for packs of five:

Afrikaans - ISBN 0 85234 364 7
Albanian - ISBN 0 85234 366 3
Bulgarian - ISBN 0 85234 357 4
Burmese - ISBN 0 85234 535 6
Chichewa - ISBN 0 85234 469 4
Chinese (classical) - ISBN 0 85234 376 0
Chinese (simplified) -ISBN 0 85234 377 9
Croatia - ISBN 0 85234 361 2
Czech - ISBN 0 85234 359 0
Dutch - ISBN 0 85234 382 5
Estonian - ISBN 0 85234 322 1
Finnish - ISBN 0 85234 392 2
French - ISBN 0 85234 701 6
German - ISBN 0 85234 355 8
Greek - ISBN 0 85234 371 X
Hungarian - ISBN 0 85234 358 2
Italian - ISBN 0 85234 380 9
Japanese - ISBN 0 85234 372 8
Korean - ISBN 0 85234 477 5
Latvian - ISBN 0 85234 362 0

Macedonian - ISBN 0 85234 369 8
Mongolian - ISBN 0 85234 378 7
Norwegian - ISBN 0 85234 800 3
Polish - ISBN 0 85234 354 X
Portuguese - ISBN 0 85234 374 4
Romanian - ISBN 0 85234 360 4
Russian - ISBN 0 85234 356 6
Serbian - ISBN 0 85234 363 9
Setswana - ISBN 0 85234 365 5
Slovak - ISBN 0 85234 373 6
Slovenian - ISBN 0 85234 381 7
Spanish - ISBN 0 85234 375 2
Swahili - ISBN 0 85234 452 X
Swedish - ISBN 0 85234 459 7
Tagalog - ISBN 0 85234 379 5
Thai - ISBN 0 85234 368 X
Turkish - ISBN 0 85234 000 2
Ukranian - ISBN 0 85234 370 1
Vietnamese - ISBN 0 85234 453 8
Zulu - ISBN 0 85234 238 0

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What in the World is a Christian?

ISBN: 0 85234 342 6

Detail: 186pp paperback

Price: £7.95 / $14.99

This title is currently unavailable.

[Also available in Indonesian; ocntact Evangelical Press for details]

Many believers are spiritually impoverished because of their failure to understand and appreciate their spiritual identity. In this book John Blanchard shows that there is no substitute for straightforward biblical teaching in order to produce healthy, balanced and progressive Christians.

'For the person who has never discovered Christian faith, for the early disciple in doctrine, for the mature Christian, and for the one who reads for both pleasure and profit, this book is a must.' Evangelism Today.

'Here is a gem of a book….a rich source of inspiration and applicable revelation.' Youth Aflame.

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Whatever Happened to Hell?

ISBN: 0 85234 305 5

Detail: 226pp paperback

Price: £9.95 / $16.99

This title is currently unavailable.

[Also available in Swedish, Korean and Spanish; contact Evangelical Press for details]

Nobody can think seriously about hell and remain emotionally and psychologically unaffected. What does happen after death? What if hell really is a place of endless punishment and suffering? What if millions of ordinary men and women are on their way there? What if we are? Is there any way in which we can avoid hell - or evade it? In this widely acclaimed book John Blanchard sets out to find the answers.

'This book will not only help us to understand the reality of this awesome subject but will provide a biblical foundation upon which we can stand unashamedly, though tearfully.' The Banner of Truth.

'As one would expect, the treatment is exhaustive, uncompromising and wide-ranging - and cannot be ignored by those seeking to survey the current situation.' CLC Floodtide.

'There is no doubt about John Blanchard's ability to communicate Christian truth with force, clarity and a gracious, uncompromising sense of conviction. All will benefit from this fine volume.' English Churchman.

'Clear, straightforward and biblical reasoning will leave the reader in no doubt about what the Scriptures really teach - but what else do you expect from John Blanchard?' Brian Edwards.

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Can We Be Good Without God?

ISBN: 973 085234 651 8

Price: £1.10 / $1.99


South Africa

One of the things that distinguishes humankind from every other species on earth is that we have a moral dimension. A moral law seems to be programmed into our psychological ‘software’ and our awareness of it is triggered by the conscience, a mysterious monitor that pokes its nose into every nook and cranny of our lives.

Why should this be the case? Does our moral sense come from nature? Is it nothing more than a cultural phenomenon? Is personal preference the deciding factor? Have we any right to question another person’s moral choices? Are there consistent guidelines for deciding whether something is good or evil, right or wrong, just or unjust?

Beyond these and other related questions lies an even greater one: can we ever find a solid and coherent basis for morality unless our world view has God at the very centre of it?

Getting the right answers may change your life...